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Pipe Repair

Pipe Repair

Trusted solutions for repairing pipes.

When you find yourself in need of pipe repairs in Athens GA or the surrounding areas, it is critical to have a plumber you can always count on to provide efficient and trustworthy solutions. Summers Plumbing is a family-owned company that understands how important your plumbing system is.

We are quick to answer our calls and return messages because we know how important it is to have your piping issues addressed immediately.

Common Pipe Problems

Whether you are unable to get any water from your faucet or you are dealing with a flood, Summers Plumbing is on the job. Only a qualified plumbing technician will be able to diagnose the problem properly and offer a solution that works for your budget. If you have a burst or frozen pipe, we need to repair it as soon as possible and have the tools to do so.

You can count on our plumbing experts to repair or replace:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Frozen pipes
  • Burst or collapsed pipes
  • Aging pipes

Repairing Winter Frozen Pipes And Flood Bust Pipes

Since pipes are responsible for taking water in and out of your home, they should always be kept in good condition. If you have noticed that your water pressure is not as strong as it used to be, the problem could be with an old or broken pipe. However, if you need to repair frozen pipes in Athens, do not attempt to do so with a flammable device.

How Do I Fix A Burst Pipe?

When you have a burst pipe in your home, it can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in water damage if you know how to do a quick and easy fix to buy time before the plumber can arrive. No matter what, the first thing you should do is shut off the water at the main valve.

Pinhole Leak:

  • Wrap the pipe tightly in duct tape. In some cases, this will apply enough pressure to temporarily stop the leak. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to bring out a new set of tools.
  • Place a piece of rubber over the leaking area, and place a small block of wood on top.
  • Take a C-clamp and use it to secure the wood and rubber to the pipe. Fasten the clamp down until it’s tight enough to hold in place.

For Larger Leaks:

  • Make sure you have a sleeve clamp that exactly fits your pipe.
  • Place a piece of rubber down on the pipe, and fasten the two halves of the clamp around it and the pipe.
  • Use a screwdriver to connect and tighten the two halves of the clamp.

Fast And Complete Pipe Repair For Your Home

Our licensed professionals can help you resolve this issue in a safe and effective manner, as well as fix any other issues like a broken water heater, malfunctioning sump pump, clogged toilet, and more. Contacting us should be your first priority.

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